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Recreational Gymnastics

AIM recreation gymnastic program is designed for children who wish to explore the sport of gymnastics, who wish to eventually compete in it, who wish to use the skills acquired in another sport, dance, or theater, or who simply want to participate because it is fun!

Our class programs are separated into two sections—

Tot Gymnastics for children ages 8 months to 5 year old which are held in smaller Totland gym and classes for children ages 5 and up which are held in the bigger gym.

Classes are on a monthly billing cycle with your commitment being month-to-month or a full year commitment.

When your child is placed in the appropriate section, a staff member evaluates and places them in a developmentally appropriate class which ranges from beginner to advanced.  Evaluations and placements are ongoing throughout the year with movement between levels available as long as there is room in the desired class.


FAQ's - General

416 S. Western Ave. Suite B
Moses Lake, WA 98837
(Just north of the RR tracks off of Broadway)

Office Hours:

  • Mon – Thurs 8:45am-1:30pm & 3:45pm-6:15pm
  • Friday 9:45am-11:00am
  • ​Sat & Sun OFFICE CLOSED
    – Please call or email to find out our summer office hours.

​Phone: (509) 765-0452

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FAQ's - Gymnastics Classes

We offer a Fun Meet in Spring where the gymnasts perform their routines.  It is not mandatory and there is an additional charge to participate.

For safety, it is best to wear tight-fitting clothing.  No socks, jewelry, zippers, or buttons.  It is typical for girls to wear leotards which are available in our pro-shop, online, or WalMart/Target.  We also have a consignment rack in the pro-shop where you can purchase leos at a discounted price.  Boys can wear athletic shorts and tanks/shirts.  The demo wear that you purchase within your registration can be worn weekly if you choose.  Demo Wear mandatory for participation in the yearly Fun Meet in March.

There is a yearly registration for every class which includes a demo uniform (leotard or boys wear) for gymnastics, t-shirt (for school) which the AIM office orders and should arrive in December each year.  The Ninja Zone franchise requires Ninja Zone participants to order their t-shirt and bandana through their website.

Order Uniforms HERE

All of our staff is partnered with BBSI here in Moses Lake.  BBSI provides background checks and drug testing for all of our employees along with First-AID and CPR certification.  Our coaches also spend weeks shadowing veteran coaches before they take on classes of their own and continue monthly training meetings throughout their employment at AIM.  Our team coaches attend coaching clinics around the state Region 2 Congress each year, and are USAG certified along with being a Professional USAG member.

Yes, please click HERE to go to the private lesson page or contact the office HERE.

The withdrawal policy is dependant on which way you registered with the office.  If you register as a “month-to-month” participant and pay a higher monthly rate, you can withdraw and return at any time throughout the year, giving the office two week WRITTEN notice.  If you register as a “full-year” participant and pay a lower monthly rate, you will pay a $75.00 withdrawal fee if you leave before June 30th as you committed to hold the spot in the class through the entire season.

Yes!  Cheerleaders and dancers are often required to learn gymnastic and/or tumbling skills.  AIM is a perfect, safe place to accomplish this.  Private lessons are conducive to these sport specific skills, but a class can also give the same outcome.  Please contact the office if you need help in picking out a class. We are proud to claim Moses Lake High School Cheerleaders and the Moses Lake Molahiettes drill team as enrolled at AIM as both teams come to learn from our instructors and use our safe facility once a week.

Yes!  You can start a gymnastic or tumbling class at any age.  We even have an adult class!  Please contact the office if you have questions regarding which class would be most appropriate considering what the outcome you want.  Some classes are more conducive to cheerleaders or dancers rather than full event gymnastics.

You can browse the selection of classes that we offer by signing up through our parent portal (HERE).  The office can also help guide you to an appropriate class or schedule an evaluation with a coach.  Movement in our classes is ongoing throughout the year.  Gymnasts can move up or down a level at any time that the coach or family decide that a different class may be more beneficial.

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