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Recreational Gymnastics

AIM recreation gymnastic program is designed for children who wish to explore the sport of gymnastics, who wish to eventually compete in it, who wish to use the skills acquired in another sport, dance, or theater, or who simply want to participate because it is fun!

Our class programs are separated into two sections—

Tot Gymnastics for children ages 8 months to 5 year old which are held in smaller Totland gym and classes for children ages 5 and up which are held in the bigger gym.

Classes are on a monthly billing cycle with your commitment being month-to-month or a full year commitment.

When your child is placed in the appropriate section, a staff member evaluates and places them in a developmentally appropriate class which ranges from beginner to advanced.  Evaluations and placements are ongoing throughout the year with movement between levels available as long as there is room in the desired class.